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Forum Backlinks on Autopilot
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Forum Backlinks on Autopilot


All Types of Backlinks  - All included

Everybody now KNOWS it's vital to vary the types of backlinks you get to your websites. You need PR 0 links, PR 2 links, PR 4 links, PR 5 links, even PR 6 links! blog links, forum links, web 2.0 links.....

PHEW!! - Who's Got The Time? 

AND the DISCIPLINE to stick at it DAY after DAY after DAY?!!!



We refuse to stand still SO NOW WE are offering ALL of the different types of backlinks above NOW included in the membership.

Enter some keywords - Enter your URL/s -



  • You will have 3500 Forum links in 3 tiers Every Single Day
    (1000 linking back to your website)
  • PR6 links dripped in dripped in every month
  • PR5 links dripped in dripped in every month
  • PR4 links dripped in dripped in every month
  • PR3 links dripped in dripped in every month
  • PR2 links dripped in dripped in every month
  • Google +1's dripped in every month
  • Facebook Likes dripped in every month

(* one of the high PR packages every month - either in rotation or set which one you want every month - you can change the package and the data being used at any time. ALL packages are changed by our staff EVERY MONTH - i.e. we'll be linking from New websites EVERY month.) 

Make sure you watch the videos JUST BELOW (There's a video underneath each tab) because you won't believe how HANDS OFF your backlinking is going to be from now on!

Nobody else compares.

Watch The Videos underneath the tabs below

High PR Automated Backlinks

Get More from your INCLUDED Auto SEO Backlinks Packages

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Who's scared of the Google Penguin update?

We all know that Google has thousands of affiliate marketers running scared after seeing their websites consigned to the bin after the latest Penguin update.

DON'T JUST BELIEVE US!! - Ask ANY SEO Expert you like and the common consensus of opinion will be that the websites that survived the Panda/Penguin/Penguin2 purges had backlinks with much more diversified anchor text and a more diversified backlink profile (different types of backlinks).

The latest Google "Penguin" update was a particularly savage update and indeed many marketers in particular those acting as affiliates have basically lost their business and have to start over again.  Creating thousands of backlinks using your main money keyword as the ONLY anchor text is now a very good way of committing suicide for your business. 

autoseobacklinks unlimited keywords for all your projects

Diverse link profiles are now what it is all about and this is about the anchor text, even varying the CaSe of your Anchor text keywords and where your links are coming from - the types of links, PRs, .EDU, .GOV, FORUMS, BLOGS, Web 2.0 Properties etc.

No complicated software Easy to use

IMPORTANT! - Since we first introduced the service at the end of 2011 we have never raised the price.  Our members are paying the price that they joined at and the monthly fee has never gone up even for new members EVEN THOUGH we keep adding value to our service because we know how important it is not to stand still in this or any other business. 

HOWEVER the latest addition to the service (PR6 Backlinks etc..), which is MANUALLY done by our staff even though to our customers it is on complete autopilot, has really hiked up the cost of providing our service and we are not sure how long we can keep the service at the current price.

Currently all new sales are still at the original price but we are stating here that very soon this is likely to go up to new members (Existing members will always pay the same price that they signed up at) - SO we respectfully suggest that you join now if you want to avoid what is likely to be an inevitable price rise.

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Genuine testimonial from the Warrior Forum


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1000s of Backlinks Every Day

Forum Backlinks on Autopilot

As we already stated you need lots of diversification in your Backlinking Profile. The Auto SEO Backlinks Service generates thousands of backlinks in forum posts on complete autopilot. Sometimes the posts are in foreign languages on foreign based forums. This part of the service was the main focus of the service initially and is of course FREE to use when you join us.

Standard Problems we normally face when building links to our websites:


You can buy link blasts from many places for as little as $10 but typically these link blasts will be a simple XRumer link blast with just the one tier of Profile Links all pointing to your website and the vast majority of these links will not be indexed by the Search Engines or even crawled and so will be in effect Useless. 

The fact that not enough people talk about when discussing link building is that consistency is the answer and is what looks more natural to the Search Engines.  One large link blast then nothing then another large blast days or weeks later simply tells the Search Engines that you're buying link blasts occasionally. Not Good.... So to be consistent you'd need to buy these blasts Every day and then the cost which sounded so reasonable before has now become prohibitive.


It's time to forget all these problems and effectively
build links to your posts, pages and articles

completely on autopilot

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auto seo backlinks answer

Auto SEO Backlinks - The answer to automating backlinks

(please watch the animated image below point out the features of a forum post done by us)

Auto SEO Backlinks Example Post

If you are now ready to completely dominate your niche, Crush your competition, and finally unleash floods of visitors to your websites then now is the time to join us and finally take away the pain of backlink building and concentrate purely on your content.  Adding Quality content to your sites is where your time should be spent when building your online business so let Auto SEO Backlinks quietly, simply and automatically take care of your backlinking needs every day for one low monthly payment. 

Auto SEO Backlinks Verified Reviews from the Warrior Forum

More Verifiable Reviews of the Auto SEO Backlinks System from the Warrior Forum


It's time to DOMINATE Your Market using this simple formula:

Auto SEO Backlinks Success Formula

Here are some Screenshots of the Members' Area Functionality

Our Convenient POPUP Date picker

autoseobacklinks specify how many links per submission

Get a Great Overview of your backlinking campaign with our Unlimited Calendar View

Another Great Client Testimonial for Auto SEO Backlinks

A Great Client Testimonial from Daniel for Auto SEO Backlinks

A Great Client Testimonial from David for Auto SEO Backlinks

How Often Do You Get All The Above Links? - Every Day 


How? - From right inside your Wordpress Post or Page or from our Website


How Many links is that in total? - 105,000 links per month in Three tiers.

ALL in "unique" content on privately owned forums

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Have you heard about Google de-indexing all the Blog Networks recently? - Four years this was the easiest way to get backlinks easily and lots of webmasters relied on this as their main source of backlinking juice.  Thousands and thousands of people suddenly found that they had no backlinks and their sites plummeted. 
This cannot happen with our system
as there is no network to de-index.  All the forums are privately owned and located all over the world.  Next time you consider buying into such a network - consider carefully..

It's also worth mentioning that some of the forums we submit to are in foreign languages and our system automatically translates the posts into the language being used on that forum (apart from the keywords of course) which gives your posts extra "stickability" and much more credibility in the search engines' eyes. This is much more effective than posting on somebody's private network.  At the end of the day the search engines are easily smart enough to suss out private networks.  Our links are submitted to privately owned forums all over the world. (You can see examples of the posts in the video above)

What about Captchas, Proxy Servers etc? -

They all cost either money or time!


- Just forget all about them -
It's all taken care of for you with No Input (or cash!) needed

The fact that your links are tiered and linking to each other means that they have a Far Better chance of being indexed and with the tier 3 links being crawled the robots are pretty sure to follow the links from your tier 3 to your tier 2 and on to your tier 1 – and they look a lot more natural rather than a load of links just linking to the same page/site with the same anchor text...

Are we done then? - NO!

THEN!! - getting your URLs Crawled and Indexed

Lindexed is a Subscription Service - INCLUDED! little-green-tick
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