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Here is some good general backlinking advice and some good "best practise" tips on how to use the Auto SEO Backlinks system effectively whilst protecting your website(s) and making sure that the search engines don't see your backlinking efforts as suspicious behavior and therefore downgrade or even de-index your site(s).

my name is Russ and I am the owner of Auto SEO Backlinks but not only that I have been making money online using affiliate marketing (Amazon - Clickbank - CPA - etc) as my business model for quite a few years now and I have managed to get top rankings (and still do) for competitive search terms, some as competitive as 160 million results.

Things have changed over the past year but if you do things right then it is still not too difficult to get rankings for what most people would consider to be "difficult to rank" search terms.


Prior to the Panda and Penguin updates the search engines counted how many links you had going back to your site and ranked your aite accordingly. Panda and then Penguin changed all this and the search engines really started looking into whether they could work out whether you were trying to manipulate the search engine results by either buying links or joining link networks etc. etc. Many link networks (some quite famous) fell by the wayside and very quickly the search engines, led by Google, changed their organic search results and the changes reflected the downgrading and de-indexing of the websites that they suspected of trying to manipulate the search engines to get rankings.

The Good News:
The search engines DIDN'T suddenly develop a crystal ball.  The search engine robots that do all the automatic calculations which define how a website is viewed by them DIDN'T suddenly become "super intelligent". The search team at Google had to find a way to identify which sites were indeed manipulating search engine results and this involved finding a kind of "blanket" method by which it would be fairly easy to identify these "misbehaving" websites so that they could punish them and in their view promote the sites that weren't trying to over-optimize and so deserve to be higher up the rankings. How did they spot these sites? - They decided that most people who were over-optimizing their backlinking structure by buying backlinks etc. would be using what previously they had always advised people to do.

Previous Google advice:

  • Optimize your webpages for your most important keyword.
  • Make sure your keywords appear at around 4% in your page.
  • Make sure your meta-tags reflect your most important keyword.
  • etc.

This meant that they could very easily identify what each webmaster would consider to be their most important keyword.  All they had to do was crawl all the backlinks and identify whether they were all (or the majority) coming back to that website using the same or very similar keyword. VOILĂ€ - we have caught somebody who is engineering backlinks to their website.  All these people from all over the world would not be linking to this website using this key phrase in such percentages.

"By following their previous search engine advice we were giving them the baseball bat that they would then use to beat us over the head with."

Okay My Best Advice:

New Websites Or Previously Unlinked To:
You must use Web 2.0 properties as a kind of "buffer" to your own websites.  Initially the Web 2.0 properties will be the only ones that link to your website.  The more individual the articles can be on these Web 2.0 properties the better for your "credibility" and ranking possibilities.  High-quality spinning is perfectly acceptable for this.  If you do not know how to do this then you can do a simple search and all will be revealed.  You can create these Web 2.0 properties yourself.  All you need to do is set aside a couple of days or so and get cracking.  Here is a list of such sites to help you: - pr9 - pr8 - pr8 - pr8 - pr8 - pr8 - pr7 - pr7 - pr7 - pr7 - pr7 - pr7 - pr7 - pr7 - pr7 - pr6 - pr6 - pr6 - pr6 - pr6 - pr6 - pr6 - pr6

OR you can order a Web 2.0 properties package from us at a ridiculously low price per site and we will do all the grunt work for you.  All you have to do is create either a spun article or some individual ones for us to insert into these web properties once created.  These will then backlink to your website with your chosen anchor text (which you will be varying!!)

The automated backlinks that we provide should be initially backlinking to these Web 2.0 properties in the main.

After a month of using just our packages I would go out and create some extra blog backlinks, more higher PR backlinks, and some .EDU and .GOV backlinks. OR you can order some of these backlinks to be created for you within our system at ridiculously low prices (certainly much cheaper in real money terms then you doing it yourself)

I would probably do no more than 100/200 backlinks directly back to my New website per week initially for a couple of weeks then I would gradually ramp it up.  This does have to look very natural and not forced OTHERWISE you will be caught..

More Established Websites With Some Backlinks Already
You are in a position to add some serious backlinking directly to your websites using our automated system HERE

These websites also will require some backlinks from different types of websites such as blogs and then higher PR websites and also .GOV and .EDU sites SO VARY YOUR PACKAGES. 

This (as well as the automated system) Should be a continual process if it is to look natural. If your site Is to have credibility then why would the backlinking (of all types) suddenly stop?

Massively Important Advice
Make sure that you vary your keywords.  I do not mean using 2, 3 or 4 but I mean in every project you create insert up to 20 different keywords with different cases ( i.e. some capitalized, some ALL CAPS, some lowercase etc.) - I am not just talking about the automated system here but I am also indicating you should do this when you either build or have built Web 2.0 properties and when you create links on blogs, higher PR sites and .GOV and .EDU sites.

I know this is a lot of work and PERSONALLY I Hate This Kind Of Work - which is one of the main reasons I invented this entire automated system.  You can always enter as many keywords as you like into our automated system and also when you buy our really cheap link packages you can then simply insert as many keywords as you like into the field and our link builder will rotate them for you.

If you think about it many people are still finding Auto SEO Backlinks every day and the subject matter of this site is exactly what the search engines are frowning upon and yet we are still highly visible.  If you do it the way I have outlined above I am extremely confident you will not have any problems but simply better rankings and therefore a better business.

My Mercedes and Jaguar

Don't Do This:

  • Backlink using just a few keywords
  • Backlink using Generic words such as "Click Here" - There has been some advice given recently in the forums which simply isn't true. You can use the bare domain url occasionally but don't throw away the relevance of the articles created by our system by using "Go to my site" etc..
  • Throw 1000s of links straight to a new site.

Do This:

  • Build Up Gradually
  • Vary Your Keywords A LOT!
  • Vary the Types of links to your site(s)
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