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Frequently Asked Questions

faqHere we will try and answer your questions. Below is a selection of questions we have received so far and we'll keep adding answers as good questions come in.

If your question isn't answered here then please

Submit a Support Ticket and we'll be right on it!

There are other services out there. Why should I subscribe to yours?

Good Question!

  • We believe we are offering the most complete  easy to use solution that's available today. You post your projects DIRECTLY from our website so it doesn't matter how you build your websites - ANYBODY can use our service - NO software to install.
  • You get all the High PR Backlinks you'll need created manually by our staff (all we need is your website URL(s) and keywords.
  • We are constantly working on Upgrades, updating the software and adding new features. Existing members will get the benefit of any upgrades and new features at no extra cost.
  • You are always locked in at the rate you subscribe at. Prices WILL rise but the cost of your subscription will stay the same as long as you're a continuous member.
  • We use this system ourselves every day and we are literally cleaning up with small easy to make affiliate websites.

Do I have to be a Wordpress user to use your service?

NO not at all. Although Wordpress is great and easy to use we do realize some people use other content management systems and some of them are great too!

All Members  login to their own members area right here on and insert keywords and urls to set up or edit their projects.

You have no software to learn or work - Once you set up your projects that's it - it can be a one time thing if you wish

Why Shouldn't I Buy Individual Xrumer blasts Instead?

You can buy Xrumer blasts if you want to. We used to use Xrumer a lot and believe me it was fantastically effective once - NO MORE!

The latest Google Update means Xrumer is practically useless - We own five copies of it so we could still be selling Xrumer links but we have to accept the inevitable and move on.

Go with our Manually created Links- you won't regret it - unless you decide to do them for yourself that is..

How is it possible to get so many links so fast?

All the High PR Backlinks are manually created for you by our staff. They are highly trained personally by me. Everybody in the office has a different job. Some create the links - some search out the websites where the links go. Some prepare the Spreadsheet programming.

Therefore although they are completely automated FOR YOU as far as the search engines are concerned they are manual, relevant links and ALL submitted from a different IP address so it looks like different people are submitting every post/link..

Will these links stay there forever?

In all honesty some will probably not. Some posts or comments will be deleted by the site owners but this is nothing to worry about.  SEO is a constant process and you will have to keep up and constantly keep creating/replacing links if you want to succeed so you might as well use a "system" like ours which is software free on the submitting end otherwise you will fail - I promise you.

Don't forget also once the spiders come and see your crawled and indexed links and they will because we only offer High PR links, your site will get credit for them for a long time even if they are eventually deleted.

Is there any real value in these links?

It's common practice for people to say that since Google's Panda/Penguin Updates profile links are not as effective as they were before. 

People tend to give the Google spiders too much credit for 'intelligence' and it's foolhardy to go too far down this route however we now believe that now we ONLY offer the High PR links and other Social Marketing Signals we have it covered for you.

We believe that the diversity and worldwide locations (completely different IP addresses etc.) of where your links are posted carries far more weight than ANY link or blog network can possibly manage. "SEO Experts" who point you towards blog networks etc. and tell you that they are still effective should realy be telling you that the Search Engines have sussed out the cheap forum links we all used to sell so they should maybe consider that possibly if the search engine robots are so 'intelligent' then they'll smell a network a mile away.

How do I get the Best out of Your Service?

This is simple - do your keyword research properly. Drive traffic towards money making keywords (not necessarilly what You think might be a good keyword)

To do this job properly I use the Google Adwords tool to get my keywords.  It's completely free so why spend any more money and if Google recognizes the keywords it gives you as related to the initial keyword you put in then it will also recognize that your keywords are all related when it sees them in forum posts.

Use our "Keyword Formatting" tool as well - It just looks much more natural or more like "real people" behavior.

People with new sites should also build Web 2.0 properties with articles that link back to their websites. There is a list of these sites on our home page. Should you want us to do the grunt work then we are happy to do this at the maximum cost of $1 per web 2.0 site (depending on which package you purchase). These web 2.0 sites will be given to you with login details and one article already inserted.. - A good policy then is to point a fair few of of your Automatic Backlinks to these Web 2.0 properties and slowly add more articles to these.. - As your own site gains authority (and it will following this proven SEO tactic) you can gradually start to point more Automatic backlinks directly to your own site.

Point backlinks to all the internal pages on your site - lots of links just pointing directly to your home page doesn't look natural at all!

Can I get discount for more packages of this service?

Yes supplementary accounts are available for only $60. You can have as many as you like. You must have a standard account to qualify for a supplementary account(s).

Click Here for more details.

Do You guarantee I'll get to the top of Google with your service?

YES of course!! wink - No, seriously... Nobody can make guarantees like that because it depends on so many factors such as the quality of your websites, their "On Page" SEO effectiveness and also many other factors. With this service you will get a serious SEO boost and if all other factors are setup correctly then significant results will occur.

How do I know my links have been submitted?

You can download spreadsheets within your Members Area as soon as new projects are finished for you.

Can I submit different websites in the same weekly or Addon Project?

Yes just add data for separate projects and we will sort it out for you - no worries - don't forget you can ask me anything anytime.

Will my links be repeated on the same sites?

This is definitely possible and shouldn't be looked on as a bad thing when you think about it. Several people mentioning your site (remember the different IP addresses for each link?) can't be frowned upon can it? If you have 'several people' mentioning the same website then the Search Engines look on this as "discussion".

This is Good! 

On the other hand we do have full time staff trolling the net for new sites to post/comment on.

How can I submit feature requests?

Members! - Please Feel Free to submit feature requests. We will take every request very seriously and look into the viability of each and every one.

We want a service our members are completely happy to be a part of and as all our members are likely to be marketers we are sure you'll have some great ideas!

Please submit a Support Ticket selecting "Feature Request" from the drop down list.

Will all my links be anchor text links?

99% of them yes... A few website administrators disable bbcode To stop people posting SEO links and in this case the staff will just place a direct url. It's not a bad thing however to include your url in your keyword list (especially after the Penguin Update) as it looks a lot more natural to the Search Engines..

Are the sites our links come from all 'dofollow'?

The vast majority of links that we post to are 'dofollow' However a small number of them will be 'nofollow'. This is down to how the individual website owner sets up his site.

This is however a good thing.  As you must have heard Google has been looking more closely recently into backlinks and trying to ascertain as to whether they are down to natural growth or people trying to manipulate the rankings.  A site with lots of backlinks to it ALL of which are 'dofollow' is as suspicious as a site with lots of backlinks to it all with the same anchor text.

We always recommend that you vary your anchor text a lot both in words and also in CaSe (We provide tools in the members area to instantly change the case of keyword lists) so whilst I could if I wanted to filter out the 'nofollow' sites I think it's much better for SEO that they are left in.

Can my site be de-indexed or banned because of your service?

Absolutely not! - In fact if that were possible and sites got banned because of links pointing to them then what's to stop anybody building links to all their competitors and getting them all de-indexed? This can't and won't happen.

We almost wish it did work this way! - Just imagine if we could point thousands of links to our competition, get them all banned and rule the internet! tongue

We are completely post-penguin 3 compliant so there are no worries at all..


How Do I Use Your System?

We have designed the Auto SEO Backlinks system to be ridiculously easy and really fast.  This was the entire point of the concept.

  1. Login to our website, look to the Member's Menu on the left.
  2. Go to "INCLUDED High PR Backlinks", watch the video and then submit your website URL(s) and Keywords. Press "Auto Rotate" to completely automate your High PR Backlinks every month.
  3. Buy Extra Links packages when you feel like your site needs an extra boost...

Why can't I get a refund if I'm not happy?

Obviously our backlinks are a digital product and are impossible to return.

Also it would be too easy for people to join the service, get LOTS of links to their websites and then claim a refund.

If you're not happy at any time or have any problem at all with our service we want you to contact us straightaway to give us a chance to resolve your issue for you but ultimately you can stop your subscription via your PayPal account instantly and no more payments will be taken. In the event of you doing this your account will remain active until the next payment is due and then it will automatically expire..

Am I Tied In? - Can I Cancel My Subscription Should I Wish?

No – and Yes :-)

We do not tie anybody in to long contracts or anything like that.  Your total commitment is the current month that you have paid and that is all. 

Should you ever wish to cancel your subscription – and we would ask you to contact us first to see if we can resolve any problems you may have – then it's simply a matter of logging into your PayPal account and pressing "Cancel Subscription"

You do not even have to contact us, it will all be handled automatically by PayPal.

Note: if you wish to cancel for the following month it is YOUR job to cancel your subscription at PayPal.  No refunds will be issued for anybody who says "I forgot to cancel can I please have my money back" – We have made the process as simple as humanly possible and made it so you don't even have to contact us to cancel.

It is your responsibility to keep control of your PayPal Account subscription and not our job to control your money. We hope you understand this and it's perfectly clear and transparent.

If you need further advice on this please open a Support Ticket BEFORE joining us.